Course curriculum

  • 1

    Everything you need to know about yoga teacher training

    • Welcome to the course

    • Why 200 Hours?

    • Is a Yoga Alliance Designation Important?

    • Overview of yoga designations and certification levels

    • Why must I study all 8 limbs if I just want to teach Fitness

    • The difference between leading and teaching yoga

    • What is Yoga? A slideshow overview of the 8 limbs all yoga teachers should study (and why).

    • What should my program include (and what should it not include!)

    • What Program Format is Best?

    • How to find a good yoga mentor

    • How Much Should Yoga Teacher Training cost?

    • Should my mentor be from India to be more authentic?

    • A word about safety and cult dynamics. You deserve to be treated with respect.

    • Are destination yoga teacher training programs a good option?

    • A final word